Friday, February 24, 2012

Moms Birthday!

I haven't updated at all since I said I would have because I've been at work almost every day and when I'm not in my work clothes....I'm in my gym clothes or pajamas so I really haven't gotten a chance to wear all of the clothes I've bought recently/that I've had for a while (I should do a post about the new clothes I bought soon!) So since today was my moms birthday and we were all going out for dinner and drinks tonight I decided I'd finally take pictures of my outfit before I left so I could make a post about it :) The pictures aren't that great because I don't have anything close to a nice camera, it's just me, my blackberry my canon powershot, or photobooth so bear with me for the time being!

I've been on a flowy top/high waisted pants kick lately, I just can't get enough of high waisted pants/shorts! I think they're perfect for every shape! 

In each photo I'm wearing black high waisted pants, a sheer pink/purple top, a black bandeau under, spiked Litas, a black (sort of) quilted bag, and my FAVORITE part of ANY outfit.....ACCESSORIES!!!!! 

Top - Nasty Gal
Bandeau- Random store in the mall
High Waisted Leggins - Beyond Trends
Bag - Aldo Accessories 
Spiked Litas - Nasty Gal
Snake Ring/Cross Necklace/Cross Bracelet - Beyond Trends
3 Finger Ring - Mark by Avon
Charcoal Gray Star Earrings - The Lipstick Box

What would life be without a little detail?

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