Saturday, March 3, 2012

floral docs, leg warmers, and burgundy lips kind of saturday

Soooooooo today I was off from work and I decided to make it a mall day!(Post of everything I bought coming soon!) When I was younger I would just go to the mall to hang out in a Victorias Secret or Hollister sweatsuit and a pair of Uggs but my style has changed a lot in the past 6 years and the only time you'll find me in Uggs & a sweatsuit is at work, the gym, or if I'm sick. I really love the color black and when I do black i either do black from head to toe or black with small things that pop against it.

I love stripes, fur vests, and anything floral so it didn't hurt to pair them all together and anyway........the best time to wear a striped sweater IS ALL THE TIME!!! hahaha okay that was lame, sorry. I feel extremely comfortable in this outfit and I think that leg warmers go perfect for any situation and I love the way they look paired with the high waisted leggings and Docs! 

Vest - From the 90s, found it in my moms closet(hehehe)
Striped Sweater - F21
High Waisted Nylon Leggings - American Apparel
Black Leg Warmers - American Apparel
Floral Doc Martens - Something Else
Cross Necklace - Beyond Trends
Bracelet - Beyond Trends
Earrings(same as the ones in post below) - The Lipstick Box 

What would life be without a little detail?

MY BABY. This is the GREATEST bag I'v ever owned. My parents gave it to me as a Christmas present and I am in love, it goes with everything and is perfect for almost every occasion. I recently took a less than 12 hours trip to Philly and I was able to fit everything I needed in it.

Let's play a little game called hair or vest?

Lipstick - NYColor 

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